Biography - Mélanie Bert
Born from an Indo-Vietnamese father and a French mother, Melanie Bert has shown a great sensitivity to images since her childhood. In junior high school she received her first camera which was stolen soon after. A few years later, after that hard forgotten moment, she purchased a silver camera which she used to capture beautiful images of her family and her travels.

After a study in mechanics and engineering, Melanie decided to go back to school for photography, attracted by the technical and aesthetic challenge. During her two years of study, she refined her relationship with images that she discovered and was inspired by major figures like Philippe Chauvel, Susan Sontag and Diane Arbus.

Melanie started her career in a renowned Parisian photo studio, Le Petit Oiseau Va Sortir. Her position as set assistant allowed her to develop three key qualities - creativity, adaptability, reactivity - which characterize her later collaborations with different great names in photography in France such as Guillaume Mirand, Bruno Fournier, Christophe Ichou and Marianne Rosensthiel.

In 2012 an encounter took her to Texas where she was seduced by the light, warmth and simplicity that prevails in Austin. Melanie soon found the weirdness of the city inspiring and saw that anything was possible. Being in one of the biggest cities for music in the U.S., she was able to collaborate with upcoming musicians which helped to nourish her creativity. Arriving back in Paris, she was able to take this new experience and apply it to photograph artists on stage and direct a music video with the musician Kara Hill. Paris's attraction for choreographers and dancers also lent itself to great opportunities for Melanie where she was able to photograph performers such as Arnaud Boursain, Amalia Salle, Juliette Dragon and Louis(e) De Ville.

Now based in Chicago, she sees a different side of light and use of her creativity in the city. She's excited and open to the many possibilities that this new journey in Chicago will bring to her creative growth.